Demonstracja pod BBC

Demonstracja pod BBCPatriae Fidelis wraz z polonijnymi stowarzyszeniami w Wielkiej Brytanii wyrażają kategoryczny sprzeciw wobec decyzji BBC w sprawie wykupienia licencji i emitowania serialu ?Nasze Matki Nasi Ojcowie? na kanale BBC TWO. W związku z tym 3 września o godz. 11.00 pod BBC Broadcasting Centre planujemy demonstrację w obronie imienia Armii Krajowej połączoną z wręczeniem listu. Pełna treść listu:

Honourable Anthony William Hall, Baron Hall of Birkenhead,

On Sunday, 19th of August, the bbc.co.uk published the news that the BBC television network had purchased the German TV series ?Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter? and is planning to broadcast it this year on BBC TWO. It is a shocking decision, given the long history of the British and Polish friendship.

Despite the great risk, during the difficult time of the beginning of September 1939, Britain did not give in to the temptations of conformity, standing on the right side of the conflict. Then, on 3rd of September, crowds of Polish patriots gathered at the British Embassy in Poland. Great demonstration in Warsaw was a symbol of support for the British decision – condemning Hitler and joining the war. Since that time, more than 70 years passed. Today, however, we are facing a new problem – threats of deliberate deception of history from certain intellectual groups.

Generation War (German: Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter) directed by Philippe Kadelbach is a case of Germany’s active historical politics aimed at transferring the guilt and responsibility for the Holocaust on the Polish nation. This TV series slanders the good name of the Polish Home Army (Polska Armia Krajowa, AK) and the Polish nation, which together with Jews were one of the major victims of the Nazi Germany. Also, the British nation was greatly harmed by attacks of Nazi Germany during the Second World War, while actively participating in the war with France and the Polish and fighting shoulder to shoulder against the Nazis.

The TV series shows Second World War through the prism of false information. Both German and Polish historians agree on the existence of scandalous historical lies in the series „Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter”.
Professor Klaus Ziemer (German historian), former director of the German Historical Institute in Warsaw, said: ?despite the advantages of acknowledging diversity of German attitudes during the Second World War, the show significantly misrepresent the history of Polish Home Army? (Polska Armia Krajowa, AK).

However, Professor Bogdan Musial (German historian) believes that in the TV series „?the Poles are shown explicitly (…) as born anti-Semites. This film is a result of German Historical Politics.”

Professor Shevach Weiss said, that „(…) Germany is seeking partners to share the blame. And it takes place for a long time already. What they bear on themselves as a nation, it is such a shame, such a burden that they are completely unable to deal with it themselves spiritually. Also the new generation, born after the war, cannot handle it. (…) This movie repeats certain patterns already known from similar attempts to share the guilt.” and that „(…) Particularly badly presented in the the film is the Polish Home Army (Polska Armia Krajowa, AK). In the second episode Polish officer approaches the man, smells him and recognizes a Jewish Pole by the smell. In the third, are 5-6 scenes with AK. In most of them Polish Home Army soldiers praise murder or drowning of the Jews.?

Professor Zdzislaw Krasnodębski said: „(?) It’s a part of intentional Historical Politics and the evidence of attempts of transformation of historical memory (…).”

Patriae Fidelis – Polish Youth Association in Great Britain, together with Polish League Against Defamation, Polish Professionals, Polonia Action Group Against Racism, Polish Media Issues Group and the undersigned, will strive to introduce a ban on the broadcast of this film, which promotes racial prejudice against Poles. The BBC is recognized for its long-standing tradition of unchallenged standards of objectivism and reliability. We summon you to follow this tradition and refrain from broadcasting ?Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter? which attempts to reinterpret history in a purposefully dishonest manner. In other words, we ask you to respect not only the Polish-British brotherhood-in-arms during Second World War, but also the truth. We expect a response in which you will assure us that the show will not be aired and thus there will be no slander of Polish Home Army (Polska Armia Krajowa, AK) and the Polish and British nations.


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